About us


Our mission is to contribute to society by providing appropriate academic support services for students to be intellectual, moral, and professional in the field of civil engineering. It can be specified as the following core characteristics:
  • a commitment to excellence in a learning environment dedicated to enhance students’ fundamental knowledge and expertise as well as their self-learning ability in life-long learning, in order to help students become well-established and fully prepared for future challenges.
  • a commitment to excellence in undergraduate education, graduate education, research, and public service, which designed to address students’ professional skills, leadership, team work and excellent working attitude in order to promote high levels of student achievement.
  • a responsibility to excellence and academic achievements having national and international recognition by encouraging all the members in the department to contribute time and expertise to social services and to international affairs and governance.
With its mission and core characteristics, the Department of Civil Engineering endeavors to balance both theory and practice as well as to develop independent thinking, innovation, and problem solving ability in students. We believe that, with the effort to establish the foundation of lifetime learning in students, they would have the ability to face the challenges of the 21st Century.