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Vision & Educational Goals

Departmental Vision
In 2015, the United Nations launched the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), proposing seventeen core goals for global governments and enterprises to jointly move towards sustainable development. Many of the core goals are closely related to civil engineering. SDGs Goal 11 is to make cities inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable. To reduce emissions by 50% by 2030, it is necessary to promote inclusive and sustainable urbanization and implement integrated and sustainable infrastructure planning and management in all countries. Therefore, in addition to the sacred mission of improving the quality of human life and ensuring the safety of human life, civil engineers should also have the ability to build sustainable communities. Education vision of our department is to cultivate such a new generation of civil engineers.

Departmental Educational Goals
  Educational Goal 1: To lay a solid foundation and professional knowledge for students and improve their continuous learning ability to adapt to the engineering environment.
  Educational Goal 2: To train students to have the working ability of teamwork and seeking truth from facts.
  Educational Goal 3: To cultivate students with professional ethics and awareness of environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and global development.