Chwen-Huan (C.H.) Wang

  • Name
    Chwen-Huan (C.H.) Wang

    Assistant Professor

    Office Number:305-4 Civil Engineering Building

    Educational Background
    University of Washington, Seattle

    2017 Norman Medal, American Sociality of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Steven L. Kramer, Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCE and C.H. Wang, Ph.D., PMP ,“Empirical Model for Estimation of the Residual Strength of Liquefied Soil.”
  • Research Interests
    • Landslide Hazard and Risk Management: technology development on management purposes; AI technology; cloud services.
    • New Materials R&D: applications on recycled materials; simulations and testing on geosynthetic.
    • Sensor Technology: monitoring on the landslide potential; application and calibration on air quality monitoring apparatus. 
    • Soil Liquefaction: residual strength and spatial variation on soil liquefaction phenomenon.

    Potential Applications of Research
    Landslide Hazard and Risk Management, Soil Liquefaction, Sensor Technology, Advanced Materials R&D, Cross-technology R&D.