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The Department of Civil Engineering is one of the founding Departments since the establishment of Chung Yuan Christian University in 1955. In need of the Taiwanese construction industry, the Department of Hydraulic Engineering was set up in 1956. The Department of Civil Engineering and the Department of Hydraulic Engineering, one of the early educational academics in civil engineering in Taiwan, accompanied Chung Yuan University and grew with despite difficulties. In 1966, the Evening Division of Civil Engineering was set up. In order to cooperate with the department integration policy of Ministry of Education(MOE), these two departments were integrated as the Department of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering, including 3 classes of day division and 1 class of evening division, on August 1 in 1981 by means of combining teaching resources and equipments to increase teaching and research performances.

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In 1982, the graduate school of the Department of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering was set up so as to boost the research potentials. In 1988, its name was changed into the Department and the Graduate School of Civil Engineering. It began to enroll doctoral students in 1996. Cooperating with the policy of MOE, its name was changed into the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral schools of Department of Civil Engineering in 1997. At the same time, the Evening Division transformed into the 2nd section. In 2000, the 2nd section was integrated into the Day Division which enrolled 4 undergraduate classes. In 2003, the master study program designed for working professionals was set up. In 2004, the class of undergraduate school was cut down from 4 to 3. The one cut down class provided the number of students enrolling the newly founded Department of Bioenvironmental Engineering. In 2010, China and overseas Chinese students were enrolled. The enrollment of foreign students began in 2012.

The Department first was certificated by the Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan (IEET) for its distinguish engineering and technology education in 2004.

The department has independent building and offer perfect laboratory equipments, such as materials laboratory, hydraulic laboratory, structural laboratory, soil mechanics laboratory and survey laboratory. The department has 19 full-time faculties and a dozen adjunct professors, whose professions cover the following 4 major fields: structural engineering; geotechnical engineering; hydraulic engineering and transportation engineering.